Bob and Pals Standards

GPS tracked walks

Pick up and drop off text messages

Behavioural assessments for all dogs entering group walks

All dogs on lead in car parks and near roads

Additional name tags attached to collars detailing two of our team’s numbers

Long lines used whilst building up to off lead freedom

Tractive tracker available for group dogs

Private social media page for clients

Birthday presents for dogs

Online diary for easy bookings and to keep track of walks

100% meat treats for all walks

Continual loose lead walking and recall training for all dogs

Individual cages for safe transportation to and from walks

Air conditioned vehicles

Guaranteed hour long group walks; towelling down done after the walk

All dogs walked in Y shaped harnesses

Free weekly zoom trick class for clients and dogs

Positive, science based, force free training

All walkers and trainers continually expanding knowledge base and learning

All walkers and trainers DBS checked and Canine First Aid qualified

Meet Rach

Rachael from Bob and Pals in Horsforth Leeds

Hi I’m Rach the trainer and solo specialist here! I formed Bob and Pals in 2017 with my best bud, Bob the Labrador. Previously working as a Paediatric Nurse on the Children’s High Dependency Unit I have a passion for learning the most up to date, scientific methods for doing things.

I get that’s not most people’s idea of fun though and I get a kick out of making my brain work so I guarantee I’ll find a way to relate the nitty gritty of dog training to something you find fun… I taught loose lead walking skills to an avid scrapbooker once and we had a right laugh about the concepts involved! I’m one of those awfully positive people that constantly smile (I mean, I work with dogs, I can’t help it!), I find humour in most situations and I’ll always look for silver linings.

Although that might sound vomit inducing at first, you’ll quickly see that makes me an excellent cheerleader for you; I’ll find good in your dog even if you’re really struggling to see it yourself and I’m always the first to congratulate you on your successes. I’m passionate about genuinely helping people see real change in their dogs; I’ll always find out about your unique goals before I offer any advice because what worked for Doris down the street might not work for you.

I pride myself on my support packages, knowing that I’m hanging around to check you’ve understood my advice, you’re actually able to do it and helping you progress your skills along too. On Friday’s I run our group walks and I genuinely don’t know who is having more fun… me or the dogs!

Meet Lucy

Lucy dog trainer Bob and Pals in Horsforth Leeds

Hi I’m Lucy and alongside Rach I am a solo specialist at Bob and Pals. Previously working in HR, I made the decision to chase my dream career of working with dogs and joined Bob and Pals in March 2021.

As a solo specialist, I love being able to work closely with a number of dogs on a one to one basis and love the variety my role offers. Every dog truly is different and I take time to build a trusting relationship with each dog and get to know their unique personalities!

I work closely with Rach to ensure I support tailored training plans during solo walks to promote consistency and prevent undoing all the hard work put in by you the owners! This can range from supporting with loose lead walking, disengagement from distractions such as other dogs, managing and helping reduce reactivity towards different triggers, promoting calmness to encourage successful dog greetings, confidence and optimism building and work on recall.

I also help successfully transition new dogs into group walks and senior dogs who may need a bit more TLC in their older years into solo walks.

Having worked through a number of reactivity struggles with my own dog, I understand the importance of adopting ethical and up to date training techniques and have experienced first hand the positive impact they have. I therefore love that in my role as a solo specialist, I am helping enrich the lives of both dogs and their owners.

Meet Lauren

Lauren dog walker Bob and Pals in Horsforth Leeds.jpg

Hi I’m Lauren and I’m the group specialist at Bob and Pals. I joined the team in August 2021 and like Rach I love learning about the science of dog behaviour.

I also love building relationships with dogs that are based on trust and positive reinforcement. A big part of that is learning to read each individual’s body language which is something I get super nerdy about!

When walking groups we have two main goals, that everyone is safe and that everyone is having fun. This means I put a lot of time into practising recall and teaching the dogs that hanging out with the human is an awesome thing to do!

I’m a big advocate for making sure dogs get lots of mental stimulation so we won’t just be zooming around in the woods. Instead, our walks include a mixture of individual training, group training, supervised down time, and lots and lots of sniffing! The training we do is based on the tailored training plans Rach and I create for each dog. This might mean we’re polishing up loose lead walking, putting some extra work into recall, building more value in proximity, or maybe even teaching a few tricks like ‘middle’, or ‘spin’.

Ultimately, my goal is to make sure your dogs have a great time and come home ready to snooze the rest of the day away!

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