Play, Train and Socialise

play train and socialise your puppy

Starting puppy learning the fun way!

Getting a brand new puppy is possibly one of the most exciting things we can do, but it very quickly comes with a host of stress too!

Pretty much as soon as their vaccines are done you’ll start feeling the pressure to socialise them, but how on earth do you know you’re doing it right?

So you google Puppy Socialisation and you get a ton of Puppy Parties, Socialisation Classes, Fields for hire and Puppy Classes needing a six week commitment from you!

It can easily be very overwhelming!

Let us guide you through the process and make it super simple for you with only a small 2 week commitment.

You’ll learn

How to foster confidence from the start

The tools to lay a solid foundation for recall

When and how to confidently intervene if play isn’t appropriate

What good doggy play looks like

How to read dog body language so you know your puppy is happy

Tons of fun games to play at home together!

We even set up a bespoke WhatsApp group for you and your classmates so you have direct access to your instructor in between lessons and a smashing support network as you learn.

Better than that, you’ll get a ton of puppy photos on the regular!

short puppy training sessions with socialisation
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“I was looking around for classes for Fifi and me to do together, but they were all a set 6 weeks and with lots going on personally for me at the time this felt like too big a commitment.

I was looking for focused help in a shorter time frame that felt more ‘doable’ diary-wise.

And that’s what I got! Loads of information and help. Lots of fun and a great start for us both. I’ll definitely go on to do more with Rach and the team but this was such a lovely way into the whole puppy training thing!

Thanks so much Rach and we look forward to joining you again very soon”

– Rosie Fifi’s Mum

The Bob and Pals Play, Train and Socialise Lesson Plan:

puppy playing games

Week One

This week we look at the basics of socialisation; what is it and why is it important that we do it in a safe, controlled way?
We’ll deep dive into dog body language so you can be certain your puppy is happy with exploring new things and we’ll put your new knowledge to use with our clever ‘meet and greet’ approach followed by a wonderful confidence course!

puppy french bulldog and dachshund playing

Week Two

Building on last week’s success, we’ll look this week at what appropriate play is and when to intervene if you need to. We’ll match puppies up carefully with playmates they’ll enjoy and have some lovely supervised play time.

Then we’ll have a look again at this confidence course, giving you even harder challenges to tackle together as a team whilst having an absolute giggle in the process! We’ll give you loads of ideas of games to play at home to continue the fun after class.

Sign up to our puppy classes now to benefit from all the wonderful skills above!


How old should my puppy be to attend class?
The younger the better! Our pups have wonderful sponge brains and the sooner you start filling them up with the stuff you want them to learn, the better.

We recommend puppies attend class right after their second set of vaccinations. Once your puppy hits 5 months old, they’ll start getting teenagers hormones so our teenage class might be better suited to you.

What sort of training techniques do you use?
We consider ourselves force free, science based trainers. We give you techniques that help your dog learn that there’s a benefit to making the decisions we want them to make!

We definitely train with food but we know people can worry about constantly needing to feed their dog to get them to do stuff so we make sure you know how to fade that food out so they’re making great choices without bribery too.

How long are the classes?
This course is a mixture of online and in person classes; as soon as you sign up you get a link to the online portion of the course to kick start your learning and give you some immediate wins.

Then we have four weeks together at an in person class. Each in person class lasts 45 minutes.

Who else is on this course?

We have a maximum of 6 participants on the course at any one time; this provides you with a great support network whilst keeping the vibe chill and not overwhelming everyone.

How does the WhatsApp work?
After your first in person week, we add you to a private WhatsApp group with your class participants and your instructor.

This is a great way to get feedback about your homework and a lovely support network if you’re finding something particularly difficult.

Your instructor will pop in regularly and provide additional support as you go along

How do I sign up?
Awesomeasaurus! Get yourself booked on the calendar below!

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