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Creating focused, calm and reliable dogs.

Your cute puppy has all grown up and oh my days! Gone are the days of grinning as they lollop over to you in the park when you called, replaced instead with dread as they spot their mate at the other side of the park and peg it off after them. It’s not that you don’t want them to go play, it’s just so embarrassing not being able to get them to come back when you need them!

You’ve tried going back to what you did with them as a puppy, you’ve probably even tried asking your mates, spending hours on Google and you don’t even want to think about the conflicting advice you got from muppets on the Facebook groups. None of it seems to work though and you’re stuck between sticking them on a lead and dealing with a dislocated shoulder or the embarrassment of apologising, yet again, to a stranger in the woods.

We can help!

You’ll learn

How to reset your recall back to rock solid and reliable

What to do to get their attention when they’re pushing your buttons and being a monkey

The skills you need to teach them to walk nicely on their lead again

How to get them to focus on you when you’re out and about… not everyone else's dog!

The joy of the pub blanket

We even set up a bespoke WhatsApp group for you and your classmates so you have direct access to your instructor in between lessons and a smashing support network as you learn. Better than that, you’ll get a ton of doggy photos on the regular!

But don’t just take our word for it; the proof is in the pudding:

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“We attended the Teenage Dogs training course with our teenage dog Brodie.

Rach and team are very committed and passionate and we learnt a lot of very helpful training tips.

Brodie made good progress following each session he attended. Highly recommend.”

The Bob and Pals Canine Life Skills Lesson Plan:


Online Lesson

This week we do a deep dive into the science behind how dogs learn. We look at how they figure things out and show you what will help them make great decisions.

We also look at their hormones and the importance of sleep for those brains.

Your homework this week will drastically reduce biting, knock off the witching hour and give you lots more guilt free peace around the house.


Week One - In Person

We’re all about real life skills at Bob and Pals; this week we look at getting our dogs to settle calmly in the pub!

We also look at getting our dogs to enjoy focusing on us and lay the groundwork needed for amazing loose lead walking.

Your homework will drastically improve the amount of focus your dog gives you on a walk and give you confidence you’re doing the right thing at the park.


Week Two - In Person

This week we tackle those all important dog to dog experiences. Most dogs just adore meeting other dogs, but they can be a touch “full on”!

We talk about the stages of dog conversations and show you how to teach your dog to come away with you when you ask.

Your homework will help develop a calm dog who learns the best bit about a dog conversation is coming back to their human after!


Week Three - In Person

This week is all about giddy fun… helping our dogs learn to calm down after they’ve been playing!

We take an in depth look at play, why it’s amazing and how to use it to our advantage. We also look at how to end play sessions without our dogs going mad afterwards.

Your homework is a ton of fun this week! Giddy up, calm down and have a smashing time together!


Week Four - In Person

Our last week together and we add all of our learning up to draw the inevitable conclusion… our dogs LOVE hanging out with us! Now we put it on a recall cue!

We also look at formalising our blooming loose lead walking and talk through challenging both your skills!

Your homework is to continue having an amazing time with your dogs and solidify the incredible skills you both now have.

Sign up to our Canine Life Skills class now to benefit from all the wonderful skills above!

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“Monty recently hit his teen years and to be honest our commitment to all the great things we’d practised when he was a puppy had slipped.

So we signed up for ‘tricky teens’ group classes. They’ve been great, he’s had to share a room with other teen dogs (hilarious at times) practice focus and recall etc.

It has rebooted the whole family’s commitment to the basics and we’ve seen results already.”


How old should my dog be to attend class?

Our pups start getting flooded with their pesky teenage hormones about 6 months of age (perhaps a little later for our really big dogs). These hormones hang around until they’re fully grown before settling again, usually around the 18 month mark. To get the most out of this class, your dog should be older than six months.

What sort of training techniques do you use?
We consider ourselves force free, science based trainers. We give you techniques that help your dog learn that there’s a benefit to making the decisions we want them to make!

We definitely train with food but we know people can worry about constantly needing to feed their dog to get them to do stuff so we make sure you know how to fade that food out so they’re making great choices without bribery too.

How long are the classes?
This course is a mixture of online and in person classes; as soon as you sign up you get a link to the online portion of the course to kick start your learning and give you some immediate wins.

Then we have four weeks together at an in person class. Each in person class lasts 45 minutes.

Who else is on this course?
We have a maximum of 6 participants on the course at any one time; this provides you with a great support network whilst keeping the vibe chill and not overwhelming everyone.
How does the WhatsApp work?
After your first in person week, we add you to a private WhatsApp group with your class participants and your instructor.

This is a great way to get feedback about your homework and a lovely support network if you’re finding something particularly difficult.

Your instructor will pop in regularly and provide additional support as you go along.

How do I sign up?
Awesomeasaurus! Get yourself booked on the calendar below!

Booking Calendar

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