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Creating calm, relaxed and happy dogs.

Do you find yourself feeling like a meerkat on your dog walks? Constantly looking ahead to see if there’s a person or a dog approaching that’s going to make your dog start shouting and acting mad at the end of your lead? They’re the most wonderful dog at home but for some reason when you’re out walking, they really struggle and cause a complete scene.

Perhaps they shout at every dog or maybe it’s completely unpredictable but it’s always a rubbish experience.

You’ve tried all sorts of things to help but the long and short of it is, nothing seems to work.

You might be considering walking your dog really early in the morning to avoid people, or maybe you’re resigned to hearing “your dog’s aggressive” shouted at you, even though you know they wouldn’t hurt a fly.

We can help!

You’ll learn

The hormonal effect stress has on your dog's body

How to reduce the negative effect of these hormones

How to increase your dog's ability to cope with stress

Strategies for dealing with those embarrassing barking/lunging moments

Lead handling skills to reduce the chance of reactions

Coping mechanisms to help you feel relaxed and confident too

How to change your dog's mindset from being worried about something, to loving it!

These sessions are held in person with reduced need to bring your dogs out; there’s no need to drag them to a hall with loads of other barking dogs if they’ll hate every moment. For some of the weeks you’ll have the option to bring your dog if you think they’ll cope but it’s completely optional.

We even set up a bespoke WhatsApp group for you and your classmates so you have direct access to your instructor in between lessons and a smashing support network as you learn. Better than that, you’ll get a ton of doggy photos on the regular!

But don’t just take our word for it; the proof is in the pudding:

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“Attended the worried dogs course and learnt so much.

Rachel is a great teacher and the course was informative, understandable and gave me loads of ideas for things to try with my dog, as well as lots of background on why she reacts in the way that she does.”

The Bob and Pals Puppy Class Lesson Plan:

5 2

Online Lesson

This week we do a deep dive into the science of hormones; what hormones are triggered when your dog barks at things in the street and why does it matter so much?

We look at strategies for reducing those hormones and giving your dog more ability to cope with scary stuff.

Your homework will immediately help to reduce the amount of barking and lunging your dog does on their walks.

4 2

Week One - In Person

We love personalising our classes so you get the most out of them. This week we take a look at exactly what your dog does when they react to things on the street.

We look at body language signals they’re giving and learn how to help them best at each stage. You might think you can’t predict your dogs reactions but this week usually has a load of ‘oooooohhhhhh’ moments for owners!

3 2

Week Two - In Person

This week we look at what to do when it all goes wrong. When you round a corner and completely by surprise you run into exactly the kind of scenario that makes your dog freak out.

Having a great game plan is key to helping us manage those stressful situations. We explain what to do and why those methods work!

Your homework will give you confidence in those ‘oh pants’ moments!

2 2

Week Three - In Person

This week is the biggie… how to change your dog from thinking that thing (or things) is scary to thinking they’re not really that big of a deal?

We look at the science behind changing feelings and give you some really practical advice as to how to do this with your dog when you’re out and about.

This weeks homework will start you on your journey of changing your dogs feelings from worried to not bothered.

1 2

Week Four - In Person

Our last week together and we focus on one of the most overlooked parts of dog training; you!

The way we approach a walk, handle ourselves and recover after stressful events has a huge impact on how our dog reacts to things.

Added to that; walking a worried dog is a difficult and often stressful experience; your homework will help turn it into a fun activity to do together.

Sign up to our puppy classes now to benefit from all the wonderful skills above!

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“Rachael and the team are professional, helpful and knowledgeable, and always put the safety and wellbeing of the dogs they train or look after at the heart of what they do.

We attended the five week Worried Dog training course, which was accessible and helpful. It gave a real insight into our dog’s behaviour, as well as practical and achievable actions to follow up and make a difference.

Great value, would recommend.”


Do I bring my dog to class?
We find that our worried dogs often struggle to settle in a classroom and that has a direct impact on our humans ability to focus and take in all the information we give.

We recommend attending without your dog in week one and seeing what the venue is like before deciding if it’s something that will work for your dog. If you think they’ll be happy then you’re more than welcome to bring them along to the rest of the classes, but if not you’ll get just as much from your learning if they wait at home.

What sort of training techniques do you use?
We consider ourselves force free, science based trainers. We give you techniques that help your dog learn that there’s a benefit to making the decisions we want them to make!

We definitely train with food but we know people can worry about constantly needing to feed their dog to get them to do stuff so we make sure you know how to fade that food out so they’re making great choices without bribery too.

How long are the classes?
This course is a mixture of online and in person classes; as soon as you sign up you get a link to the online portion of the course to kick start your learning and give you some immediate wins.

Then we have four weeks together at an in person class. Each in person class lasts 45 minutes.

Who else is on this course?

We have a maximum of 6 participants on the course at any one time; this provides you with a great support network whilst keeping the vibe chill and not overwhelming everyone.

How does the WhatsApp work?
After your first in person week, we add you to a private WhatsApp group with your class participants and your instructor. This is a great way to get feedback about your homework and a lovely support network if you’re finding something particularly difficult. Your instructor will pop in regularly and provide additional support as you go along.
How do I sign up?

Awesomeasaurus! Get yourself booked on the calendar below!

Booking Calendar

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